The Pleasures of a Garden…

Always been doing indoor miniatures, so for a change, I decided to do some dollhouse garden miniatures . Searching for blogs and images there are so many inspirational places, furniture and animals! Oh I wish I could have a beautiful garden, resting on the sun while reading a book and drinking a cup of tea…Miniature dollhouse potting bench A miniature water can  Well looks like those boots been working in the garden all day! We have a special guest in the garden today… a miniature squirrel 🙂

  All the items exposed are tottaly handmade by me,painted and aged. Hope you like the result !


9 thoughts on “The Pleasures of a Garden…

  1. Wow all your items are fantastic. The boots are wonderful. I love your squirrel he looks so real. Beautiful work.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Okay, second try… I don’t give up even if this comment form is against me…

    What I wanted to say is: Hi Ana, thank you for joining my blog lately and excuse me for being late with visting you in return, I’ve been very busy but of course I wanted to have a look at your blog. Your shelf is lovely, and if you don’t have a real garden, don’t worry, you’re lucky to make one for you in 1:12, you already have a working table, working boots and a sqirrel – that’s a great start!

    Greetings from Germany

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