Miniature Scale

Just bought this scale in a flea market and couldn´t resist of taking pictures together with my miniature scale IMG_7227



Coffee Pot Mouse House

 Always wanted to do a mouse house, so why not a mouse house in a coffee pot? This is Mrs. Mouse house, I still don´t have a name for the owner of this little house, suggestions of my dear blog friends are accepted!The coffee pot is smaller than a regular book. It measures 16 cm* 12 cm. Upstairs we have the master bedroom and the bathroom. It was supposed to be just a bedroom, but there were space left, so I decided to add a screen to divide the two rooms. The screen matches the bed for a sutil change. On the walls I added old music sheets. I tried other kinds of papers for the bottom but they were very dark for such a small space. A small teddy bear is lying on the bed, Mrs Mouse likes miniature dolls too 😉    Mmmmm…seems like something is being baked downstairs…let´s take a look!   This was my first attempt of making clay cakes , Mrs. Mouse looks very happy with the results 🙂For the cold winter nights a fireplace is essencial…I can see Mrs.Mouse drinking a cup of tea in the sofa, with a nice crackling fireplace, listening to the wind and the rain outside.   On the top I opened a window for lightning the little house. I love roses, they give a lovely look from the outside. 

Everything was handmade by me in clay and wood, hope you enjoy the results as much as I do, mini hugs!